Heirloom Catalogs

Have your parents collected antiques from both sides of your family? Did your grandmother collect old clocks during her travels to New England every fall? Does your mother ask you and your sisters every holiday which favorite family heirloom you want to keep when she sells the big house and moves full time to that beach condominium in Florida? Do you want your own children to know the stories behind special items that you will one day want to pass on to them?

An Heirloom Catalog can be a solution to the problem family heirlooms and collectables present. This document records the sentimental value of a family collection. We will photograph and record the story or stories associated with the item, including where the item was acquired, what it was used for, and why it has special meaning to the owner. If a monetary value of the item is known, we can record that as well.

A standard format Heirloom Catalog costs $450 for approximately 30 items presented in a quality soft cover book. The price would include one interview to determine the scope of the project and then one two-hour session to photograph the objects and record their stories. Additional copies of the Heirloom Catalog would be available at the cost of printing on demand.